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Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Shawn Mendes on the Most Important Lesson John Mayer Taught Him

Right after Shawn Mendes spoke at the 2018 gala on Tuesday night to act in a spotlight of the play and his honored companions, including Jennifer Lopez, who insisted on getting a picture with the young singer and songwriter, Mendes is arrested for discussing over time his friendship with some of the most popular voices in music such as John Mayer, who wrote his TIME 100 tribute and Camila Cabello, whom he calls his "favorite person in the world. "

"It's impossible to have a conversation with [Mayer] without a deep tip coming out of his mouth," Mendes told TIME at the gala. "But he never said ... is that you can be John Mayer, who in my eyes is the best guitarist, composer and performer, and even John Mayer asked me for advice on how to write songs . For me, this is the most important lesson: even when people think they are dominating what they claim to be, have not done so yet while they are still taking indications from young people, who is the true love of the job and there is no real ego, there is something that I really learned from him, I never think, I never know everything. "

(The praise is clearly mutual: Mayer wrote that Mendes knows that music is a good refuge from their own nonsense, and his dedication to his craft is exactly the reason why people twice their age, they receive in their lives and playlists, "an appropriate tribute to a fast-growing artist."

And he also had words about his partner and the young pop star Camila Cabello.

He is very supportive of collaboration, they just have not had the opportunity to see each other lately. "I love him until death," he said. "If we have the opportunity, I'm sure there will be something, even if it is only us and his writings, maybe it will be when we are 35 or 50 years old."

More recently, Mendes released singles "In My Blood" and "Lost in Japan" before an album, due out this summer.

Monday, 5 September 2016

WATCH: This Is What Happens When You Put Justin Bieber Alone In A Room With His Actual Fans

Justin Bieber's Radio Disney Music Awards performance was one of the highlights of the star studded bash that took place in Los Angeles over the weekend.

First things first, this weekend the world of Justin Bieber merged with the world of Disney...if that isn't a dream come true then we're not to sure what is.

Justin Bieber Pulling This Young Girl On To Stage & Singing To Her Like A Big Bro Will Make You Weak

Always the showman, Justin surprised a group of wide-eyed students with an acoustic rendition of his No.1 single 'Love Yourself' in a video shown at the awards show.

Needless to say, the reactions of the girls were AMAZING... and exactly what most of us would do (don't lie, you'd have your tongue hanging out too).

Monday, 10 August 2015

Members Of The Grateful Dead And John Mayer Forming New Supergroup

The members of the Grateful Dead are coming back to life in a new supergroup with John Mayer.

Mickey Hart, Bill Kreutzmann and Bob Weir have joined to form the Dead Mayer & Company band. It will be held October 31 at Madison Square Garden in New York.

The Dead reunited this summer for Fare Thee Well tour that included five shows in Chicago and Santa Clara, California, celebrating its 50th anniversary.

"Fare Thee Well showed me that I have not finished exploring new territory with Mickey rhythm - I am recommending that everyone puts his helmet, because we will ruin our way into some serious drumming and space," said one Kreutzmann statement Wednesday. "And we Mayer riding shotgun with Weir -. We are in good company, so to speak"

Although Phil Lesh was part of the tour Fare Thee Well, it is not participating in Dead & Company. A press release said it will "continue to perform in his band Phil and friends."

Tickets for the Halloween show will go on sale August 14. The first class tickets will cost less than $ 100, $ 50, while tickets will be available in honor of the 50th anniversary of the dead, according to the statement press.

"Not a place where music, dreams and magic come together," Hart said. "The music of Grateful Dead is a portal to that place. It was built to last!"

Mayer, 37, said he "deeply" loves the music of the Dead.

"It has inspired me in ways I never imagined. To help bring this music is the opportunity and the honor of a lifetime," he said.

Allman Brothers bassist 'Oteil Burbridge and Ratdog keyboardist Jeff Chimenti also take place in the Hall of MSG.

Monday, 29 June 2015

John Mayer Blames His Past Fashion Faux Pas On Drinking A ''Whole Hell Of A Lot'' In Latest GQ Interview

Fashion faux pas are inevitable for all of us, including celebrities.

But John Mayer wants to make clear that his past seems Tibetan robes-whether or Johnny Depp-esque layers were a result of some pretty heavy drinking. Let me explain ...

"Sometimes if you do not see the person to recognize in the mirror, then you are free to his own punishment. It's hard to explain. You are free to his own criticism. If you do not recognize the person they see in the mirror, then you are free to self-persecution, "he told GQ magazine.

"It's almost like a witness relocation program for yourself. Women do men do. There is a change in your life, or a change in philosophy, a change in your lifestyle, you have a loss, or if you have heart pain, so go blonde or grow a beard or you therefore Sometimes in life you just do not want to be recognizable to yourself A lot of people f - ked up .. For that reason I was drinking-I was drinking. A whole hell of a lot. I was heavy, and the layers of favoring the strong man ... Wearing layers is like trying to get out of it by subterfuge. And then get healthy again, and he put on his white shirt and jeans and you're like bam! "

Katy Perry on-and-off flame continued to wax poetic about the parallel to her personal struggles, saying: "I think I was hiding outside I was hiding out what I felt like was a lot of typecasting. . . And it is also the way I would do anything ... .I said this quote once: 'No pack to where you're going, pack who want to be when you get there "So it's like, okay, let's do this 40s flight we dress ... Sometimes I do not want to get into an airplane unless there is something in it for me. And sometimes the only thing is the kind of intellectual and aesthetic adventure, and that's what put me on the plane. "

Monday, 18 May 2015

Are Katy Perry And John Mayer Back On?

Katy Perry and John Mayer were spotted playing tonsil hockey in a Met Gala after party Monday night.

I guess they are again.

The couple was exchanging ... whatever, at the Boom Boom Room in New York, after the great Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Gala, according to Us Weekly.

They invited me, but I wash my hair Monday night.

Mayer did not appear at the show with Perry. She was escorted to the swanky affair by designer Jeremy Scott. But the former couple managed to find each other after champagne, drinking, holding hands and generally checking to see if between them they still had a fresh breath.

The two dated off and on for a couple of years before splitting in February 2004. Two months later, they were at it again in a celebration of Memorial Day, but things seemed cool after that.

In January, they were spotted on a dinner date that - according to the New York Daily News - does not end until the next day.

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

John Mayer’s Former Atlanta Home For Sale For $469k

Before John Mayer Katy Perry squiring, throwing Rolling Stone about his playboy ways of the past and make millions of its parade of pop hits of texture, which was playing open mic nights, then working the door at the Eddie attic.

He also lived in a modest house on Lindbergh Drive - a dwelling referred during his headlining slot at Music Midtown last fall.

If you are willing and able to deliver the sales price of nearly half a million dollars, then you can also have the backdrop of one of the easiest ways to break the ice at the feast organized there conversations ("I told I used to live here? ").

Zillow estimates the property at $ 388,000 (other houses on the block have estimated values of $ 348,000- $ 461,000).

The brick bungalow, built in 1928, is not exactly an expanding space - 1224 square feet, 2 bedrooms, 1 ½ baths and a majestic fireplace in the living room. Based on the appended to the list (which is $ 469,000, by the way), the garage could use some sprucing and small peek into the kitchen indicates functional amenities, standard-rent-apartments photos.

But who knows? Maybe that was the room where he perfected "No Such Thing" or wrote "Why Georgia." And considering that in 2010, after his concert in Lakewood, Mayer popped into Eddie's Attic for a new surprise performance, the day may come when the new owner hears an unexpected knock at the front door.

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

John Mayer And Katy Perry Back Together? ‘Love Song For No One’ Crooner Asked Professional Help To Address Commitment Issues

John Mayer and Katy Perry could have had a tumultuous romance over the past two years, but it seems that the past was not enough to stop the two see each other. Recent sightings of the couple led to speculation that he could repair soon after his break "Final" last year.

According to reports, the "Your Body is a Wonderland" crooner even sought professional help to help deal with problems of commitment. Insiders say that Mayer was able to realize his faults.

"As soon as John called Katy, she ran back to him. He swears he is a different man now feels ready to commit. He always loved Katy, but was afraid to take the next step. Marriage Now even has been talking and children, "a source told Now magazine.

The 37-year-old singer is known for going out with several celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Simpson and Taylor Swift. Mayer alleged infidelity led most of their breaks.

Previously, Swift even wrote a song about a John break her heart and that she should have listened to the warnings of others.

While it is true that John Mayer "took the time to focus on yourself and find out why you cannot commit," Katy Perry must be really happy. His romance with DJ Diplo seemed to have not progressed.

Meanwhile, according to the same source now magazine as reported by Belfast Telegraph, the circle of Katy Perry is not supposed to favor their reconciliation with Mayer as "everyone told him not to accept again as going to hurt again, but she is not listening. Promises that has changed, but that promise will be broken. "

The "I Kissed a Girl" according to reports hit maker is using his upcoming performance at the Super Bowl on February 1st as an excuse to get together with your ex-boyfriend.

"She told friends she just enjoy time with John and said he's helping prepare for his performance Super Bowl next month," another source told Closer magazine.