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Thursday, 25 September 2014

Taylor Swift’s Feud With Katy Perry Started Over John Mayer

Fight with Katy Perry Taylor Swift started in a guy - and sources tell Page Six was John Mayer.

After Swift mentions a "straight-up enemy" over who has written a new song, "Bad Blood", in an interview with Rolling Stone, Perry tweeted a mystery call a bad girl, "Beware Regina George with skin lamb."

Swift said in the interview, "Oh, we just straight-up enemies. And it was not even about a boy! Had to do with the business. She basically tried to sabotage the whole arena tour. She tried to hire a group of people under me... I do not think there would be no personal problem if it was not competitive. "

Taylor and Mayer had an affair in 2010 before he left.

She released the song "Dear John" letter, "Do not you think 19 is too young to be played by / Your dark twisted games."

In 2012, Perry began dating Mayer, who said he was "very humbled" by the Swift song. Sources told Page Six music, "Perry began to make excavations in Taylor thereafter."

Although it was reported that several dancers left the tour Swift for the last year of Perry, Swift seemed to confirm previous tensions between them, telling Rolling Stone, "For years, I was never sure if we were friends or not. She come to me at award shows and say something and leave, and I thought, 'are we friends, or did she just give me the hardest insult of my life?' "

Representatives of the two singers, who were seated in different sections in recent VMAs, did not get along back to us.

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Katy Perry, John Mayer Break Up: Pop Star Goes Swimming With A Group Of Handsome Men, Living Life To The Fullest?

Pop star Katy Perry seemed to her to have a good time with a few shirtless men, giving the impression that is embracing life during his tour.

On Monday, "This is how we do it" star posted a video on its website showing Instagram sinking underwater with four men. While some may be suspicious if these guys are more than just friends, Daily Mail mentioned that the guys are some of the dancer’s backup singer.

The group begins by giving the peace sign, since all moves underwater with the camera after them and let out a sigh. Perry manages to keep giving the peace sign, while a sunglasses "YOLO" fall guys. As you leave the water, Perry shows her shapely figure in a black bikini. She starts to walk like her flat stomach and chest take a close-up on camera.

The pop star recently told Rolling Stone a few details about where she thinks her personal life might be directed, involving the possibility of having a child on your own.

"I need a friend," she said, published in Us Magazine. "It's 2014 We are living in the future;! You do not need anything I do not think I'll have, but we'll see I'm not anti-men who love men, but it is not an option.... if someone does not it presents itself. "

Based on this interview and clip Instagram, Perry seems to be doing just fine without her ex-boyfriend John Mayer, without any romance for that matter.

Monday, 16 June 2014

1D’s Niall Horan Hangs Out With John Mayer

Both children have very different stories with Katy Perry, but does not seem to have affected their friendship ...

One Direction Niall Horan spent Monday night out with John Mayer concert O2 Arena in London.

After 1D wrapped the UK leg of his world tour Where we're at Wembley Stadium on Sunday night, Niall enjoyed a rare night out in the company of John, Irish singer "Awesome as usual" label.

Add a selfie with John to Instagram, Niall also wrote, "It is fantastic to see John tonight!"

Niall attended a tour date O2's ex John, Katy Perry, last month.

"Gotta love KP at the O2 the other night? She is awesome! Love her," Niall, again wrote on Instagram.

Katy and Niall became friends after the X Factor guest judge put her through to the next round in 2010.

Niall then 'proposed' Teenage Dream singer on Twitter in 2013.

It is clear that the actions of Niall never come between the two men - that is what we call true bromance.

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

John Mayer Loves When His Exes Write Songs About Him

“I really want the song around the world to go # 1 ', JM said a potential Katy Perry tell all.

Remember the good old days when John Mayer swore off talking about their exes and said he would take the high road? Oh, well.

JM had returned to their old tricks Monday when TMZ caught up with him to chat about some past loves, including Katy Perry, and, well, Mayer could not stop the train mouth.

"I have a great resistance to gang - ups, I'm fine," Mayer told the website when asked if he was upset by his old love songs written about it. “That’s what you're supposed to do, man, you are supposed to write songs. You simply are not supposed to tell everyone is doing."

In an event that acts as a third wheel with friends, Mayer laughed when the paparazzo broke the news that Perry is reportedly working on a new song about John. “I really want the song around the world to go # 1," he said. “I deliberately stopped writing hits for giving people the opportunity to have # 1 song.”

As for the supposed "scientific proof” that resonates with your name on them (ahem, no # 1 hit for Taylor Swift “Dear John " ) will always # 1, well, we will have that test this hypothesis later.

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Move Over John Mayer! Katy Perry And Diplo Romance Confirmed By DJ's Mum

Barbara revealed Pentz partner is taking it slow

The award for most embarrassing celebrity mom of the week has to go to mom Barbara Pentz Diplo has given an interview about the alleged affair with his son Katy Perry, not only confirms that something is happening between them , but also is suspected to have been a publicity stunt.

The pair started the speculation of a romance at Coachella Music Festival when they were spotted flirting. Now it seems ex John Mayer Katy replaced with the DJ, real name Thomas Pentz , his mother admitted that he had discussed the affair with his son and the couple taking things slowly, and are " hanging out " .

“He has not mentioned bringing her home mom for now. Would But I think before it gets serious, “said Barbara RadarOnline.” Of course she has to be grilled by the mother! "

" He has not talked to me, but he did with his dad," revealed Pentz. "I said 'we're just hanging out. , We’re just friends now.

Katy Perry in New York last week that has been seen spending time with Diplo (SplashNews)

"I do not think it's a big problem right now. Do not think it will be wedding bells yet, “he continued,” They're both doing their own thing right now and on opposite coasts. He doesn’t seem to be making a big deal about it. "

But Barbara admitted entire novel could be for the benefit of the cameras rather than a sign of Katy found his true love.

"I wondered if it was a publicity stunt. I came up. Both make as cameras, “she said when he first heard of the novel.”

When asked if she approved of Katy, Barbara admitted that he liked the sound of the roar singer.

"I'm fine with that," he confirmed. “He is a man of 30 years of age. He would not listen to me anyway if I told you what to do! "

" He has always been a young man of strong character since I was little,” she said, “She rebels their parents a little too much, so I've read. " Adding. “She seems a lovely girl”

Monday, 28 April 2014

John Mayer Review: No Wonderland At Rod Laver

It is hard to believe that John Mayer has been around for over a decade. The guy who started out as the next big thing in 2001 with pop , 

Sunny room for squares collegiate already graduated to headlining Bluesfest in Byron Bay this year and in the years between , has become almost as (in) famous for the women he is lying (and bragged about ) than for his musical output .

Commenting half concert Tuesday night in their longevity, said the cool thing to achieve in his career is that everyone loves things early and then dismissed their biggest hit, the Grammy Your body is a Wonderland as “Lego blocks “. Instead, Mayer "a song with a little bit of depth and girth " was launched, waiting the day of his latest blues album, Paradise Valley last year.

Visiting Australia for the first time in four years , Mayer was not bad or stupid enough to fully retain the first material - No such thing and wait on the world to change were notable inclusions - but his two-hour set drew more heavily on their rate preferred rootsy , Paradise Valley and 2011 Born and Raised , the adjusted and expanded to allow Mayer to show his considerable guitar skills and excellent band songs.

Fortunately for Mayer, the crowd, a curious mix of both sexes and all ages (including a bunch of guys screaming, "I love you John!") Seemed to enjoy hearing his new material as much as he clearly reveled in I play it.

Plenty of covered varied in their impact. His now famous shot of Tom Petty Free Fallin ' was perfectly adequate while adding nothing to the original. More interesting was an acoustic, slowed down version of Lionel Richie All Night Long, but unfortunately we did not try to cover XO Beyonce played in Adelaide last week.

When he's not bragging about his romantic conquests in media interviews (Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Aniston), Mayer is writing songs about them (Paper Doll is a reply to Dear John Taylor Swift acid) and sometimes with them (Who you love on his latest album is a duet with his most recent ex, Katy Perry), but another track Paradise Valley played towards the end of the night hinted a desire for less complicated times.

Dear Marie, a love letter to the class last girlfriend I had before becoming famous, asked to "tell me what he used to be." It is a plaintive and heartfelt climax, which, combined with the indulgent but impressive guitar solo in the encore track, gravity makes the longevity of Mayer seems deserved. However, it would have been nice to hear that song Lego block.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

John Mayer Sings For Seth Meyers After Splitting From Katy Perry

John Mayer performs a song during the first week of Late Night with Seth Meyers on Thursday (February 27) at the NBC Studios in New York City. 

Also making an appearance on the show that night was Girls star Lena Dunham. 

It was reported earlier this week that John and his girlfriend on-and-off Katy Perry have once again separated. This is his first official appearance since the split, but it was nothing more than a musical guest on the show so it probably was not a chance to ask about it.

10 + pictures inside of John Mayer making an appearance...